Booties current TAT 2-3 weeks

Drop Info

Ready To Ship Drops

Drops are every 2-3 weeks. Dates will be announced on our Instagram page and at the top of our website highlighted in mauve. 

In the past, our Booties have sold out very quickly. This isn’t always the case, as we change what designs will be offered at each drop. I encourage you to be ready and waiting when the website goes live to ensure you get what you want before they are sold out. 

There are no cart holds. The Booties you have in your cart can be bought by another customer while you're trying to check out. To avoid people purchasing the booties that are in your cart a lot of people choose to place multiple orders to ensure they get the booties they want. They cart one pair, check out and pay and then go back to see if their second choice is still available and then purchase that one ect.  You are most welcome to do this, however, we CANNOT refund your shipping. This gets way too confusing when we are shipping 70+ pairs each drop. I get flooded with DMs and emails shortly after. I try to answer everyone and make sure that things are dealt with in a timely fashion. Please try to be patient with me. I will get back to you as soon as I can! 

  PLEASE only purchase Booties if you REALLY want one. In the past, people have bought Booties and immediately wanted to return them saying that they got "click happy" and purchased more than intended. Because all of our items are handmade, all sales are final. 

I'll say it again because I always get messages about it after the drop, we cannot combine shipping. In order for this to run smoothly we need to fulfill the orders the way they come in. Consider the extra shipping charge as insurance you got the booties you wanted.

Custom Orders

Current turn around time for custom orders is 2-3 weeks after date of purchase. Due to the nature of our sales, all sales are final. I encourage you to check out our sizing chart and make sure you measure your child’s foot for the best fit. If your child is between sizes, you are more than welcome to message me and I can help you with which pair will be best for your child.